The disinfection stand with a foot pedal is suitable for production halls and interiors. The stand is made of high-quality steel and painted with durable Komaxit powder paint. You will appreciate this stand thanks to its simple handling and low maintenance.


You can easily control the disinfection stand with the help of a small pump. You can easily add another container bowl to the Industrial range, which you can fill with, for example, hand cream to ensure better care.



The foot pedal is a popular mechanism of our stands, we also offer it in a premium design.


Specially adapted children’s disinfection stand with a pedal we produce with a safely modified construction and a nice children’s motif.


With the stands, we will supply you with hand disinfection or various components to expand the capacity of industrial stands.


Gels and disinfectants

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and custom manufacturing

We will be happy to produce all types of stands in the colors of your company. Painted stands with cut graphics will match your interior and represent your brand.

We offer custom production for companies. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you what we can do for you.

Thank you for helping us to change our story.


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